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  • T-shirt Dress Tie Dye Rainbow Spiral Cover up for beach or pajama dress women's
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How to Make Super Vibrant Tie Dyes

Here is a basic getting started guide for making your own super vibrant professional grade tie dyes.

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Tie Dye Kit Instructions

Use these instructions with our tie dye kits or with any fiber reactive dyes.

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Tie Dye for All.

I am SO HAPPY with this purchase! This shirt is absolutely beautiful and the quality is awesome. 🤗✌🏼

Kristen Whelan

These shirts are simply incredible. My only regret is that I’ve now bought so many great shirts from these fine folks that I now have no more room or “good” reason to buy more, lol. 

Each shirt is amazing and they really take their time and do these right.. do yourself a hippie solid and get yours before I raid the couch to buy more 😂


I am more than happy with my purchase! You can tell it will last a very long time. I’ve never seen another one like it. I’ll be buying again (: